It’s been a busy August and here is a roof in Saint Paul Park, MN that AJ Kelley Roofing Company just completed.

AJ Kelley Roofing was hired to replace rotten wood and shingles on a garage in the East side of Saint Paul, MN.

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Kelley Roofing was hired to replace 3 plumbing Stack flashing/caps plus a kitchen vent that had all been damaged due to squirrels in Minneapolis. The old vents were taken out and new vents installed water tight without having to replace any of the old shingles. Below are two “after” photo’s.



AJ Kelley Roofing finished off a roof in Stillwater, MN right before the snow melted as the winter came to a close. The May rain is now here and it is a great time to have your roofing work taken care of. If you would like a free estimate on any type of roofing work, please call Jesse at 651.431.0776.


AJ Kelley Roofing was hired to roof a low slope residential home in Saint Paul. We first removed the old gravel, insulated, and then applied a Built Up roofing system to the home followed by new gravel. Below are some photo’s of the process.

If you are in need of Commercial or Residential flat roof work, please contact Jesse at 651.431.0776 for a free estimate of your project.

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AJ Kelley Roofing was hired to roof an addition to a property that is part of the publicized “Rambler Revolution” project sponsored by the City of White Bear Lake. We installed valley metal and feathered in the new shingles with the existing house roofing. (note: We did not roof the background garage or foreground existing home roof other then the immediate valley area). Below are a few photos from the project. If you are in need of a Twin Cities roofer please call Jesse Kelley at 651.431.0776 for a free estimate.

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Posted below are a few photos of a high pitch roofing project that was completed by AJ Kelley Roofing. We offer one of the best workmanship warranties in the business and have not had a single insurance claim against us since day one. While we can beat any other contractor’s bid, that is not our selling point. AJ Kelley Roofing has become known for our top notch work and attention to the very smallest detail. We put in the extra effort to give you the best possible roof.

If you are in need of a Minnesota roofer, please contact us today for a free estimate of your project. – Jesse Kelley at 651.431.0776

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AJ Kelley Roofing Company has done a lot of work in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. Our headquarters are based in Oakdale, MN but we spend a nice amount of time working near and around our cabin on Balsam Lake. If you are in need of roofing company in the Balsam Lake area, contact Jesse at 651.431.0776

(Jesse Kelley finishing off a cabin on Balsam Lake.)

AJ Kelley Roofing was hired to re-roof a section of the 3 Seasons restaurant in Mahtomedi, Minnesota. We had originally roofed the entire building close to 20 years ago. Snow and ice had built up over the past winter causing a middle section of the roof to collapse in on the building. We were brought in after the structure was fixed to patch the damaged area. We are available to work on both residential and commercial projects. We have over 35 years of Minnesota flat roof repair, hot tar roofing.

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